About the book

Halfway to Havana is a memoir of one individual’s revealing journey traveling to and bicycling across the island nation of Cuba. It is a raw look at the Cuban geography, culture, history, social system and people.

The plan was to fly into Havana, travel east by train across the island to the coastal town of Baracoa, then travel west by riding a bicycle back to the capital city of Havana. However, the author found that things are not always what they seem to be in Cuba and the best laid plans are often for not.

“Island Paradise or Island Prison, I wanted to discover the truth about the island nation for myself. So, I decided to travel to Cuba. That decision almost cost me my life.”

– Troy Wong

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About the author

Troy Wong is a modern day explorer and author. Born and raised in Texas, he now calls Austin, Texas his home. He has ventured both near and far from his home state.

He has visited all seven continents and lived in and traveled through 60+ countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Some of his favorite places include Chile for its natural beauty, Spain for its old world charm, Singapore for its modernity and Austin, Texas, USA for its warm friendly people.

His passions include hiking, fishing, photography and of course adventure travel.